Clean Energy Regulator

Continuous Integration and Delivery for CRM


Chalfont supported a large-scale transformation agenda to improve and modernise services for the Clean Energy Regulator (CER). The Regulator is leveraging efficiencies from its transition to Microsoft Cloud by replacing its legacy technology platforms with a single cloud-based platform called the eCarbon Framework.


The eCarbon Framework is a multi-channel carbon market engagement hub. The single online place that makes it simpler, easier and faster for government, industry, and business to transact with the Regulator, and to learn about the administered policies and schemes administered, in a one-stop-shop.

The Regulator was not using source control for Microsoft Dynamics365 solutions, except for supporting related code such as JavaScript and .NET Code. Additionally, code was split across multiple repositories and did not have functioning unit tests.

This meant that deploying features from development to production required manual steps and associated instructions to be created for each release.


Chalfont’s team worked seamlessly with the Regulator’s existing architecture and development teams to provide leadership, technical expertise, and assurance for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Chalfont also designed and implemented Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes for the Regulator.


Chalfont’s design and implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes for the Regulator significantly reduces or eliminates the need for manual deployments.

Crucially, Chalfont has empowered the Regulator to efficiently manage the concurrent development efforts on Microsoft Dynamics 365 by multiple teams. By minimising development friction and effectively addressing merging conflicts, the teams could work independently and control the release of new features to production.

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