Great work with
Good humans.

We want to do great work with other good humans and have fun while we do it.

Our team members are not only exceptionally skilled and experienced in their craft, they are genuinely good humans. At Chalfont, we value authenticity and prioritise meaningful connections and growth. Join us and be part of a team where your talents are celebrated and your potential is nurtured.

Career development and meaningful work

You’re more than your job, and we know that when people feel supported in all things that matter to them, they can show up as happier, healthier humans. That’s good for you, our team and our clients.

To do this we get to know everyone at Chalfont – what matters most to them and what makes them who they are. We try to understand your values, strengths, and interests, and align these with our work to support you to thrive.

We like to set personal well being and development goals alongside our professional ones. We understand that our team’s personal and professional lives are interconnected, and we believe that supporting both is essential to creating a thriving workplace culture.

Our capability hubs provide you with expert support in your chosen field, access to tools and training, and coaching and mentoring to support you on the ground.

Connection and celebration

Being a consultant can be challenging – so staying connected with each other and our mission is important.

At Chalfont we do this through monthly collaboration workshops, lunchtime learnings, quarterly strategy days, and an annual retreat. Day-to-day we have a beautiful, energy-filled office that we encourage our teams to work from as much as possible.

Whether it’s a team, individual or personal win, we celebrate them all and reward our people for great work and going above and beyond.

Balance and the extras

We acknowledge you as a whole person and support your commitments both in and outside of work. Our flexible working arrangements will vary depending on engagements, and we aim to support a mix of client and home-based work.

With reach back through our global parent company, you can also access a range of perks and benefits including, purchased leave, a wellness day, retail discounts, well being programs, novated lease, flu vaccination and discounted health care, and gym discounts.

We are at an exciting place in the Chalfont journey.

There are endless opportunities for you to shape your career and grow with us. We are ready to support you, whether it’s to be the best in your field or build you up as a leader.

Ready to do great work?

Join us.