Seamless transition to new tech


Chalfont’s rapid collaboration and unwavering commitment, helped prepare ActewAGL call centre teams for the introduction of a new Customer Interaction System.


ActewAGL was replacing end-of-life telephony technology to further enhance their business and optimise service opportunities for their customers. ActewAGL sought a strategic partner to navigate the resource load from multiple projects and layers of change.


Chalfont hit the ground running, recognising the urgency and speed required to ensure a seamless transition to the new technology. Our collaborative approach fostered a dynamic partnership with ActewAGL’s stakeholders and users, enabling us to tackle in-scope work and respond to requirements for out-of-scope work to get things over the line.

  • Communication and engagement – We prioritised timely, transparent, and consistent communication and engagement to build trust and confidence in the change process. This then enabled elicitation of accurate information to complete impact assessments, identify gaps, and ensure awareness of change objectives. Our team conducted regular surveys and actively asked for feedback to address blockers and manage any resistance.
  • Policy and process – The meticulous review of impacted policies and processes enabled targeted support to be provided to policy owners to help them understand required changes, consider the risks of making changes and assist with updates.
  • Training and support – We assessed the technology training modules and addressed gaps by creating additional resources such as user guides, quick reference placemats and checklists. Comprehensive training sessions were coordinated to facilitate a seamless learning experience for call centre staff.
  • Go Live and Hypercare – Our hypercare plan outlined the people and processes involved in supporting the new system. It ensured call centre staff knew where to get help using the new system or how to report issues. We coordinated a hypercare triage team composed of subject matter experts, to swiftly address issues, gather feedback, and communicate fixes. A successful implementation calls for celebration! To generate enthusiasm among the staff, we organised a vibrant Go Live celebration. It was a key moment to recognise their adaptability and embrace the new technology together.


Chalfont’s guidance paved the way for ActewAGL’s successful launch of the new Customer Interaction System. With over 130 agents well-prepared for Go Live day, ActewAGL handled over 1,000 customer calls seamlessly. Pre-launch surveys revealed that more than 98% of agents felt prepared for the change, while 100% of team leaders had the information and resources needed to support their teams.

Throughout the hypercare period, our responsive approach ensured swift reporting of bugs to the Triage team and resolution of issues. ActewAGL experienced minimal interruptions, maintaining its exceptional customer support.

As trusted partners, we continue to support ActewAGL’s transition to Business-as-Usual and are engaged in delivering new CRM system capabilities.

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