Network operations

From chaos to clarity


Chalfont empowered the Network Operations team at a Federal Government organisation to control ticket overload, breakdown communication barriers and improve a tarnished reputation. Together we made significant and measurable improvements to performance of the network operations function.


The Network operations team were struggling to deal with over 200 open tickets resulting in delays and potential service disruptions. A lack of procedure, reporting and support tools hindered productivity, collaboration and effective communication within the team.


In our assessment, we uncovered unstructured processes, mis-managed ticket triaging, role ambiguities, and cherry-picking practices.

We harnessed the power of Service Now Dashboards, enabling transparency, accountability, and data-driven decision-making. Availability of day-to-day performance metrics facilitated self-management and targeted performance improvement. A structured triaging system with backlog roster led to significant reduction of tickets in the queue.

Through our leadership and customer-centric approach, we instilled a culture of responsiveness, transparency, proactive problem-solving, and teamwork. With strong guidance and meticulous standards, we set a new benchmark for customer service and engagement.


With strong and experienced leadership, the Network operations team was inspired, motivated, and structured to succeed in their responsibilities.

The outcome? A significant reduction in open incidents from 200 to 20 within six months, ensuring all tickets are now addressed within standard service levels. The team’s success has set the benchmark for best practice support within the ICT Division, leading to the adoption of their templates, dashboards, and approach across various areas.

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