Australian Bureau of Statistics

Coaching delivery teams for success


Chalfont joined forces with the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to quickly elevate the maturity of their delivery teams by providing tailored training and coaching to address key areas for improvement.


The Location Insights Branch (the Branch) of the ABS was confronted with common challenges of rapid growth including mixed delivery maturity, multiple ways of working, and competing priorities. There was an urgent need to establish a consistent approach to delivery, cultivate a growth mindset, and strengthen a culture of high performance and innovation through Agile ways of working.


Chalfont formed a dynamic partnership and co-designed context-specific practices that aligned with evolved ways of working principles, ABS values and a strategic priority to enhance organisational capability, resilience and adaptability.

Our team took an experiential approach, meeting teams where they were and adapting personalised coaching to suit their needs. The solution involved three core adaptive phases.

  • Capability assessment – A comprehensive understanding of the strengths, challenges, and behavioural insights was gained through interviews and group discussions with team members. Priority areas for improvement were incorporated into the training and coaching programs and a baseline assessment was conducted to measure progress.
  • Tailored transformational training – Using contextualised examples and explicit practice, the training program addressed the unique strengths and challenges of the Branch. A learning environment and agile mindset was fostered by encouraging experimentation and trial of new knowledge.
  • Focused coaching – Our coaching focused on key developmental areas that would have the most significant impact on teams and the interconnected relationships within the Branch. This coaching approach resulted in improvements in team productivity, ability to manage changing priorities and faster delivery.


Chalfont’s collaboration successfully elevated the maturity of the Branch’s delivery, resulting in improved behaviours at the individual and systemic levels. Teams engaged with our Agile Coaching reported enhancements in critical areas, including:

  • A 15 % increase in team productivity
  • A 13% enhancement in the ability to manage changing priorities
  • A 9% reduction in project costs
  • A 9% faster delivery
  • A 7% increase in delivery predictability

Our partnership with the ABS, and commitment to achieving rapid and meaningful results, enabled the Branch to achieve improvements in productivity and efficiency, get a branch wide view of priorities, and build trust within the teams to strengthen their relationships. This resulted in a positive impact on their delivery maturity and set a clear pathway to modern delivery practices in support of the ABS’ commitment to creating a collaborative, accountable, agile innovative and customer focused agency.

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