Clean Energy Regulator

Accelerating carbon abatement one system at a time


Chalfont is powering a systems transformation within the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) to streamline carbon reduction assessments and monitoring.

This will enable the Regulator to slash carbon abatement project application processing time in half while enhancing transparency of transactions through structured information and reporting.


The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) Change Program was established to assist the agency in achieving its mission of accelerating carbon abatement for Australia. It is designed to make the interactions of those that do business with the agency faster, easier and more transparent.


A new assessment framework and process is handled in Dynamics 365 while InRule provides the business rules and logic for the processing of application criteria. Document generation is handled with the integration of Docmosis.

The Chalfont team embraced the CER Service Design and Scaled Agile frameworks to build this solution iteratively through three phases.  ​

  • Discovery – This crucial phase involved gaining a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end service for assessing customer applications, capturing problems and opportunities in a Current State Blueprint. ​
  • Alpha – Leveraging prototypes and usability testing with key stakeholders, the team meticulously worked out the right thing to build employing User Journey Maps, User Story Maps and technical feasibility assessments to define a Minimum Viable Product, Feature List and Delivery Plan for the Beta phase. ​
  • Beta – Aligned with Program priorities, and operating within an Agile Release Train, the team showcased working software every two weeks ensuring validation and iterative enhancement of the MVP in readiness for Beta release.


By harnessing more structured data, the Regulator significantly enhances the transparency of emission reduction activities across Australia. In addition, the recent reduction in application processing times and implementation of a business rules engine has empowered Assessors to focus their efforts where they are most impactful.

Chalfont’s strategic partnership and collaboration with CER is streamlining the assessment process and enabling more effective monitoring of emission reduction initiatives, benefiting the environment and society as a whole.