Norm Spurr

Norm understands the power of technology as a catalyst for transformation. With expertise at the team, program, and enterprise levels, he leverages SAFe, Scrum, and Prosci frameworks to initiate change and lead adoption of lean-agile methods for successful product development and service improvement.

But Norm’s impact goes beyond technical prowess. As a qualified psychotherapist, he possesses a rare gift for empathising with others. This allows him to forge connections, influence outcomes, and address challenges at all levels. Whether it’s supporting individuals, tackling overcommitment at the program level, or aligning teams, Norm intuitively gains buy-in, generating momentum through team success.

Outside of work, Norm’s guiding principles extend to his children. Just as he helps organisations embrace new ways of working, overcome obstacles, and achieve meaningful results, he guides his son and daughter on their own paths to success.

Norm Spurr: a change catalyst, a champion of teams, and a devoted family man.

Quality is remembered long after deadlines are forgotten.