Juliet Fallace

Chalfont’s Head of Strategy and Delivery, is the driving force behind many successful ICT and business transformation programs, with 25 years of experience in strategic advice, change management, workforce planning, and program delivery.

Juliet’s transparent and people-focused working style sets her apart. She puts individuals at the centre of decision-making, effortlessly interpreting complex information and conveying simple messages to drive change. Her sharp instinct for actionable outcomes and talent for connecting them to responsible people ensures seamless engagements for our clients and enjoyable projects for our teams.

Her passion for bringing people together extends from the meeting room to the dining table. She delights in sharing her Italian desserts and mouth-watering lasagna. Connect with Juliet to experience the delightful flavours she brings to every endeavour.

Empower and trust your people, and they will deliver great outcomes.