Ian Donnelly

Ian is a highly capable ICT professional with a wealth of experience in delivering digital transformations and technical solutions. Whether it be as an engagement lead or product owner, Ian orchestrates seamless transitions from concept to execution, wielding expertise in business analysis, architecture, and advisory.


By employing an agile mindset that thrives on challenges and innovation, Ian delivers optimal client value by leveraging his deep understanding of business processes and corporate governance. He can quickly and accurately analyse operational information, providing succinct recommendations to management that that optimise efficiency and align with strategic objectives.


His disciplined approach to tackling professional challenges is adapted from his lifestyle as an army reservist and martial arts instructor, and during winter, fellow adventurers might spy him camping on the ski slopes like Chalfont’s very own cryptid. His love for complex pursuits is applied to every project, where he relishes the thrill of solving unexpected issues and embracing new terrains.

Work hard, play hard.