Our approach

Our practical approach aims to improve human experience and business efficiency.

We’re ambitious and know how to push the limits to get you to the sustainable new state you desire.

It’s important for us to achieve the outcomes you need and make the journey as enjoyable as possible.

We’ll partner closely with you to share the risk, responsibility and reward that comes with solving problems.

We’ll help with advice, capability and capacity using a tailored approach that works for you. We offer a range of models that will mould to your business needs.


Do you want improved confidence in your strategic direction? Or need guidance in solving a problem.

Leverage our expertise

We’ll use our knowledge and experience gained from delivering similar outcomes to provide you with tailored advice, assess current and future states or build strategy.

Blended Teams

Do you have a capacity or capability gap in your team to drive effective delivery and achieve results?

Strengthen capability & capacity

We’ll work with you to understand what you require and find the right fit from the Chalfont team.

Delivery teams

Do you need to build team capacity and capability to drive performance and deliver results?

Strengthen capability and capacity

We’ll understand your specific requirements and enhance your team with Chalfont’s talented specialists.

Managed Resource Program

Our proprietary Managed Resource Program maximises the value you will derive from working with us and ensures appropriate resource and delivery management.

This program puts rigour around how we initiate, plan, deliver and sustain our services over the course of the engagement.

By following the program, we enable:

  • a structured delivery approach and planning aligned to requirements
  • capability matched to approved work
  • capacity scaled up or down as needs evolve
  • application of best practices
  • accelerated integration of individuals and teams
  • knowledge transfer and capability uplift
  • proactive management of issues and risks
  • visibility of performance against contracts and expectations
  • continuous service improvement

Great humans doing good work

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