Marion Hutton

Marion is a talented change management professional specialising in workforce strategy, learning and development and digital transformation. With more than 25 years of public sector experience, Marion brings her unique blend of strategic thinking, ideation, and authentic relationship management to each engagement.


She leads with her heart and has an uncanny ability to read situations and the needs of people before they ask. With a natural talent for envisioning the future, Marion can shape the art of the possible and define the actions needed to get there. Her sharp mind is geared toward making clever linkages between people and problems, and through collaboration and humour, she delivers solutions for clients that balance quality and practicality.


Marion’s enthusiasm for strategy and human potential is matched only by her passion for Astrology and Human Design. Outside of work, you will find her in 1:1 coaching sessions with clients, studying and attending conferences to hone her skills and knowledge. Her vision is that one day, her two worlds of consulting and Human Design will collide.

We are all powerful beings with a unique design that is our responsibility to express in this life, so we can bring our special brand of magic to the world.