Transforming our client’s web presence to be more accessible for users.

A large Government Department was planning to upgrade their web presence to align with the latest WCAG principles and standards.

Chalfont provided experienced WCAG consultants and solution experts to help redevelop the site, with the purpose of achieving desired WCAG certified levels.

Our unique offering to the client was a flexible workforce approach, meaning we supplied effort as it was required, rather than permanent engagement, saving the project money.

Key Outcomes

Our Full Stack Java experts applied techniques guided by UCD to meet desired WCAG levels. They developed JQuery, CSS and HTML5, while maintaining cognisance of WAi-ARIA techniques within design patterns, to ensure maximum accessibility and security.

Vigorous testing regimes were combined to create a robust testing framework, ensuring that applications were built and performance tested against design and assumptions validated, before being packaged ready for deployment.

All aspects of the design, including testing and sustainment management in operations, were documented and placed under quality and change control.

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