Kanban 101 Workshop – Hands on experience on Kanban principles

About the Course

An interactive workshop that will allow participants to gain hands-on experience on the principles of Kanban using activities and simulations. This workshop will expand on the concepts from Agile 101, it is recommended that participants complete this course prior to attending this workshop if they are not familiar with agile.

Participants will be able to develop a customisable Kanban board that can be taken back into their own workplace for implementation.


  1. Gain understanding on how to create and set-up a Kanban board in a practical manner.
  2. Gain insights to how Kanban will help visualise work and manage work flows.
  3. Learn how Kanban will help increase collaboration amongst team members and minimise effort in delivering work.
  4. Build confidence to manage issues, risks and make rapid decisions quickly.
  5. Gain understanding of how Kanban can be incorporated into other Agile methodologies (Lean and Scrum).
  • A pre-requisite of this workshop is that participants would have attended the Agile 101 course or have basic knowledge of core Kanban concepts.
  • Teams interested in adopting Kanban to improve their workflow, processes and increase delivery through minimising waste and effort.
  • If you are part of an agile team and want to gain confidence in understanding the language used and principles underpinning Kanban.

By breaking down the stigma associated with agile suitability for IT software development, our trainer has experience helping non-IT teams embrace agile by demonstrating the value and benefits to visualise work, manage flow, make rapid decisions quickly and manage issues and risks early.

Our trainer has proven experience in helping clients adopt pragmatic agile approaches through experience in Government; adopting agile practices to successfully deliver the Australian Marriage Survey. Our trainer has had engagements recently at forums such as Agile Australia, Agile Better Worlds, Finance Forums and upcoming event with Government Agility conference, Washington.

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