Integrated data management strengthened our client’s enterprise governance.

A large Government Department was looking to integrate data management across the enterprise to strengthen and enable governance and planning.

Chalfont was engaged to support a large project undertaken by a Government Department, who wanted to standardise Data Quality Management and develop a framework that would integrate data management across the enterprise.

Our primary objective was to identify data sources outside the department itself and produce a solution for integration into the broader project.

Key Outcomes

Our consultants identified stakeholders and related data sources, and established stakeholder engagement plans to facilitate meetings and workshops, and establish requirements. Outputs from stakeholder engagement informed solution planning and executive reporting.

Technical consultants facilitated working groups, and socialised domain mapping and modelling views for discussion and shaping into final architectural data models and standards.

Consultants provided ETL processes to the department detailing how source data would be extracted, transformed and loaded, as well as documented data standards and framework for the ongoing management of quality and governance.

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