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A large Government Department needed to share essential information with other departments and agencies.

Chalfont provided consultants and lead architects to be part of a major project undertaken by the Department to provide an outward ‘interdepartmental information sharing’ service that was secure and reliable.

Our team was tasked to guide the project on requirements elicitation, use case development, executive presentations and briefs, and architectural solution design.

Chalfont Solution and Benefits

Our consultants reviewed relevant project artefacts and helped shape a clear business case underpinned by business requirements.  Stakeholders were identified and classified, and a needs analysis conducted.

The proposed project was presented to Senior Leadership, outlining business justifications, a proposed solution and a defined roadmap for implementation. Our consultants provided insights into the complexities and challenges of the project and showed where investment would be required to mitigate risk.

Our SOA Architects performed a gap analysis using reviewed use cases, functional and non-functional requirements, and existing capabilities. A technology roadmap was defined, using Service Oriented Architectural principles that aligned infrastructure, applications and capabilities to the service offering. Our architects also ensured solution compliance with engineering, security and audit requirements.

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