A successful rollout of Windows 7

A large Government Department needed assistance with Windows 7 architecture and deployment.

Our client was facing an enormous deployment for Windows 7 that was across multiple sites and would affect many staff. Part of this project required expert architecture assistance to support a successful rollout.

Chalfont worked with key personnel and stakeholders to understand their challenges and requirements for both architecture and deployment Bringing on board an expert SOE Architect was essential to allow cost savings for our client while helping to facilitate and implement further requirements. To assist with the deployment, Chalfont engaged a Senior Infrastructure Engineer.

Key outcomes

Our SOE Architect worked concurrently across several tasks that inevitably helped to reduce our client’s overall expenditure.

Our Consultant’s key duties include:

  • Designing and developing SOE Life Cycles and Procedures
  • Designing and deploying Windows SOE – XP/WIN7
  • Designing and developing change management procedures with version control
  • WSUS design and implementation
  • Symantec Anti Virus/Firewall –SEP implementation
  • ZENWorks Desktop Management
  • Group Policy Management
  • PointSec design and implementation
  • Application consolidation and standardisation
  • SCCM design and implementation
  • Citrix XenApp 5 & 6 design and implementation
  • Deployment of Thin Client technologiesDesktop & Mobile Devices Services

Our Senior Infrastructure Engineer produced designs that helped to manage and support a successful deployment of Windows 7. This included developing support documentation which enabled the client to minimise their risk and maximise productivity from existing staff.

Our Consultant helped to:

  • Manage transition to new SOE and centralised delivery of SOE
  • Develop transition design and support requirements
  • Design and Develop SOE Life Cycles and Procedures
  • Deploy Windows SOE
  • Design and Develop change management procedures
  • Migrate 15,000 workstations and 20,000 users

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