Key considerations to establish a Business Analysis practice

Chalfont have an established team of experienced Business Analysts who are available to assist clients wanting to setup a Business Analysis practice or wishing to improve their existing Business Analysis practices.

Business Analysis is a profession that is well regarded but sometimes misunderstood. An immature approach will lead to the value of a Business Analysts to be questioned by project teams.

Chalfont have been able to work with clients to reverse this perception and mindset by mobilising a team of business analysts to assist with demonstrating value of this highly sought profession.

The key considerations in achieving this has been through our ability to demonstrate building a Business Analysis practice aligned to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Framework with focus being;

1)      Demonstrating the value of Business Analysts within a project team
2)      The interaction of Business Analyst with business and technical roles
3)      Establishment of a set of standardised core artefacts
4)      Position clients to respond to audit/gateway reviews by ensuring there is traceability (requirements through to product release)
5)      Ensuring there is knowledge transfer and capability uplift to continue the practice after investment in professional services


Chalfont have developed a Business Analysis Operating Model (Figure 1) that enables our team of professionals to have a conversation with clients about the importance of establishing a Business Analysis. The model provides a high-level view of the capability components that are key to building a quality BA practice. An initial capability maturity assessment can help identify the most critical areas for improvement but generally the starting point would be to improve practices and governance, moving into a development focus for practice members once a baseline has been established in relation to consistency and quality.

Chalfont have helped clients to bring in a team of business analysts that can hit the ground running, flexible and pragmatic in their approach. Our team are highly experienced in the profession and come prepared with established a standardised set of core artefacts that are relevant to all projects.  Chalfont recognise that every project varies in scope, outcomes and deliverables and we look to provide the best support for each project through expansion on a core set of artefacts via industry best practice, combined with new approaches and ideas for eliciting and managing requirements.

The working model in Figure 2 presented is a representation of how a Business Analysts could work together with business and technical roles in an agile context.

Chalfont Business Analysts are experienced in working within various frameworks and contexts (both Government and private industry) and can help uplift and maintain the Business Analysis capability for your organisation.

Figure 1.

Figure 2



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