Agile clinics that enable participants to share and discuss

About the Clinics

Chalfont have established Agile Clinics to enable participants to share and discuss the challenges that they are facing or share their successes with introducing cultural change to adopt agile methodologies within their organisations.

Chalfont recognise that the adoption of agile working practices is a transformational process and requires cultural change. It requires a mindset and behavior change amongst individuals, teams, managers and the overall organisation. It also involves a change in social behavior across the organisation and leaders bear the responsibility for helping the organisation realise this transformation.


Chalfont are aware that some of the questions that executives and managers often have are within the following topics:

  • Process and Culture: What changes will need to occur in the larger organisation, including process and culture changes, to make the Lean-Agile transformation successful?
  • Roles and Responsibilities: What role should executives and managers play during each stage of the transformation? What is the difference between leadership and management in a Lean and Agile context?
  • Success and Alignment: What does success with Lean and Agile look like? How will they know that Lean-Agile transformation is staying in alignment with larger corporate objectives?

The format of the coffee will adopt the following approach:

  1. Create a simple Kanban
  2. Brainstorm topics: participants have 2-3 minutes to write a topic.
  3. Pitch your topic(s): participants have 2-3 minutes to pitch their topic.
  4. Prioritise what to discuss: dot voting used to gain agreement amongst participants.
  5. Manage flow of conversation: topics decided and there will be 5 minutes to discuss #1 topic. Participants will vote if they want more on topic #1. Then commence process for next topic.
  6. Discussion complete: topic #1 discussed and repeat for next topic.
  7.  Lock in the learning: collaborate on discussion and capture “my takeaway”.

These clinics will be facilitated by an agile practitioner to help foster conversation and enable participants to present topics for discussion. The clinic will aim to provide answers on the challenges participants may be facing with the aim to offer opportunities to consider. They are also an opportunity for participants to share success stories to help others on their agile journey.

These clinics will be kept to a small group between 6-8 participants. This helps ensure that conversation flows and enables participants to feel they were able to contribute. The format of these clinics will adopt the Lean Coffee approach (as presented below).

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